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How to maintain the bearing parts of the Mobile Crusher Station effectively

The Mobile Crusher Station is widely used in the construction, cement, and railway highway. Since the twelfth five-year plan, the market demand of Mobile Crusher Stationer increase continuously. The market of Mobile Crusher Station equipment is expanding gradually. But in the process of operation, the users don't pay much attention to the maintenance work of the Mobile Crusher Station,which results in the increase of the failure rate.Here is some advice and hope can help you.

mobile jaw crusher

In the process of installing the Mobile Crusher Station, the workers should do well in inspection work.Prior to the installation, the oil should be coated with the surface of the crusher machine in order to lubricate completely.During the using process,if the bearing parts are too dirty, it could be departed to clean in the oil. During the cleaning,heating the oil and brushing the bearing parts.
After a long time work of the Mobile Crusher Machine, a comprehensive inspection is needed.Inspecting whether the bearing parts are bad or not and observing whether the gap between the eccentric shaft and bearing, spindle and bearing are reasonble. If not,adjustments in time are needed.

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