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Yifan Mobile Stone Crusher help the development of recycling economy

Renewable resources has become an important part of the economic cycle. For the better development of the cause of environmental protection, construction waste recycling.CCTV Science Channel, "I love to invent" Interview with Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. for construction waste disposal technology and mobile stone crusher equipment. CCTV Science Channel, "I love the invention" This theme is based on scientific and technological innovation "anchored encourage enterprises, the personal has developed innovative concept to create value, construction waste equipment to realize the value.
As a professional production crusher equipment manufacturers, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. always pay attention to the direction and dynamics of the development of the field of domestic construction waste.
After investigation summary Yifan Machinery thought the use of the existing building garbage: First, the construction waste production of renewable turn. Calculated by the authoritative department, compared with the solid clay brick, the same is to produce 150 million standard bricks, manufacture of construction waste, can reduce dug 240,000 cubic meters, saving about 180 acres of arable land. Consumptive construction waste while more than 40 tons of savings pile up garbage covering an area of 160 acr
es, for a total savings of 340 acres of land.The mobile stone crusher brickmaking process can also dissolve fly ash 40,000 tons of standard coal saved 15,000 tons, 360 tons reduce ShaoZhuan sulfur dioxide emissions. Second, the construction waste recycled aggregate production.Construction waste after the initial cleaning, sorting out recyclable steel and wood, then masonry, cement concrete blocks broken into aggregates, sieved to remove impurities, the formation of a certain size requirements of building materials, and then press the gradationdesign requirements add cement and fly ash and other materials in the raw materials, the addition of part of the water, stirring to form a different building products and road construction products, mobile stone crusher produced products can replace ordinary aggregate for road base. Third, building garbage mountain landscape.
The large amount of construction waste recycling applications have proven the value of the construction waste. Construction waste is misplaced resource. Zhengzhou Yifan oriented to market demand, and constantly improve the product's research and development capabilities. Yifan Machinery mobile stone crusher is the most suitable for the processing and recycling of construction waste, the most economical choice.
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