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Great advantage crawler mobile crushing plant for coal mining

Opencast coal mine top-down the strata release into containing cemented gravel layer and Jurassic strata, trachoma and fine sandstone and other rock mass micro-dense, hard and uniform structure particularity! The Yifan equipment company crawler mobile crusher station for wanting in the coal mining process, including cone crusher series mobile crushing plant, jaw-breaking series of mobile crushing station, counter-breaking series mobile crushing station and screening series mobile crushing station.

Yifan Equipment Co., according to the different needs of different customers to flexibly configure a crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing, crushing, and screening of all levels at the same time to optimize the combination. Yifan company crawler mobile crusher station has the following characteristics: 1, fuel economy, fuel saving rate up to 25%; 2, convenient transportation, crawler, does not damage the pavement, with multifunction appurtenances, to adapt to a wide range; 3,crawler mobile crusher station products are light weight, small size, especially suitable for narrow venue; 4, set by the material, broken transmission process equipment, process optimization, it has excellent rock crushing, aggregate production, open pit mining the crushing operation performance, through the combination of different models, to form a powerful crushing operations pipeline to complete the processing of multi-demand jobs; 5, the whole all-wheel drive, pivot turn, the standard configuration, quick change device with security features, especially suitable for narrow venue complex area; supplied power group - optimal design; 7, crawler mobile crusher station climbing the job to meet the mining, hydropower, coal mines and other projects crushing requirements.

Increasingly become a new development trend in surface mine crawler mobile crusher station for coal mining. Every day, around the world Yifan Machinery Co., an international installation and maintenance engineers, are to provide you with high-quality technical services and spare no effort.Each year, Yifan equipment will send batch after batch of trained service personnel rushed to the customer site to ensure that you use crawler mobile crusher station, sit back and relax. Now Yifan Equipment Co. in expanding the scale of technical personnel in the continuous introduction, Yifan uphold the pious, fine, tight, harmonious mission, With the wholehearted enthusiasm broken career make dedication.
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