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Opportunities for development of the mobile stone station

Is an important direction of the development of railways in the high-speed railway, the railway is the driving force of the country's economic development, we can see the situation from the annual Spring Festival, which is to stimulate domestic demand and promote economic growth as a "locomotive".In response to the financial crisis, mobile stone station the government's 2 trillion investment off the railway construction boom, the beginning of the message to establish and run the "main artery" is emerging.

China's high-speed railway construction, including high technology and a world leader in railway technology.High-speed railway construction, mobile stone station machine concrete gravel aggregate grain shape, size distribution has been very high demand, especially basalt (diabase) lithotripsy in flakiness content, a simple coneshape, or back-breaking processing technology has been broken and does not meet the requirements.Yifan Machinery launched to meet the sand VI series is broken, and shape the technical requirements of the new crushing and screening process; VI sand is the aggregate (gravel) and high-quality stone necessary for the production of high-performance concrete (C40) bymolding machine mobile stone station equipment, the flakiness of not more than 5%, can fully meet the production of these high-performance industrial, coagulation (C40 ~ C80) polymerization of the technical requirements.

Crusher, cone crusher, PF counterattack crushing hard rock, PE deep cavity jaw crusher, mobile stone station and screening equipment, washing and other family support, design dedicated high-speed (high-grade) road, high-speed railhydropower stations, high-rise buildings, airport runways, ports, municipal engineering and other industries production the gravel aggregate crushing and screening of new production processes.The production finished grade sand and gravel aggregate with Science, grain shape, flakiness particulate matter concentration can be controlled within 5%, a large mobile stone station successful use of the river power plants and other key state projects.
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