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Mobile crusher has better opportunities for development

"Planning" for the central region and the central region's urbanization rate increased to 48% in 2015, which means that future urbanization will be greatly expedited.Known as the central region's rich resources, such as energy, raw materials, especially mineral resources.Therefore, in order to complete the requirements of the Plan, you can access to a wealth of resources from the central region.Want access to China's mineral resources, mining resources development of mobile crusher equipment essential.

Therefore, the "Plan" proposed that want to strengthen the important mineral resources exploration, mineral resources development and utilization of the optimized layout to further improve the mineral resources utilization level and strengthen the coordination of industrial production can, layout, structure and resources development, in order to consolidate and enhance the centralimportant energy and raw material base status.The introduction of such planning is bound to promote the development of mobile crusher, is bound to bring a new opportunity for development of mining equipment.

With the promotion of advances in science and technology and national policy, many of the emerging industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and thus to promote the central rapid economic rise of industrial production in various fields.The strength of the central area of the new development, such as mining machinery jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher ,mobile crusher. Therefore, China's mining machinery manufacturing enterprises to increase investment in research and development work.

According to the information data, Henan Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest of the central region of large mining equipment manufacturers.The company is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing, scientific research, production and sales of integrated enterprise.It is located in the industrial park of Zhaojiazhuang, Zhengzhou, China, including 15,000 square meters of standard heavy industrial plant area of 50 thousand square meters.More than 160 pieces of equipment, including large, medium-sized metal processing, mobile crusher.The government issued the "plan" is a great opportunity and challenge, not only for Yifan, but also for the development of mining machinery industry in China.
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