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Benefit henan, benefit the world:yifan Mobile crusher station profiles

       Mobile crusher station construction waste treatment equipment is an important part of the mobile crusher station, in the treatment of construction waste, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs, can carry on to the material field breaking and not bound materials transported from the scene and broken, and with the raw materials mining face advancing and movement, thus greatly reducing the material transport costs, mobile crushing station flexible configuration, can according to the actual site design or special mobile crusher station, design the corresponding construction waste treatment process.
  Some time ago, CCTV channel tenth " I love invention " column reporter, to Zhengzhou machinery equipment limited company to interview and understanding of the company in the construction waste disposal area of exclusive technology. Zhengzhou machinery equipment limited company R & D of new mobile crushing and screening equipment - - mobile crushing station in China to promote the development of construction waste resources made distinctions won in battle, not only broke mine machinery history new record, more manufacturing super, super energy-saving, environmental protection of mining machinery and equipment of the first time!
  Mobile crushing plant site
  For the effective promotion of building rubbish brickmaking industry, " I love the invention " column reporter also interviewed machinery Yunnan a total customer engineer Mr. Ouyang, Mr. Ouyang explained to us in detail of construction waste brick making process. The process features that the weight ratio of raw materials in the preparation method of construction waste consisting of: 65 - 70 30 - 35 additive mixtures: from rosin acid sodium 0.2 - 0.4, sodium tripolyphosphate 0.1 - 0.3 dissolved in 6 to 8 parts of water which made; mixture is composed of fly ash, slag or coal gangue from 13 to 16, carbide slag and lime powder 7 - 9, phosphorus gypsum and gypsum powder 2.5 - 4 and the waste clay brick particles 7 9 hybrid composition; actual construction waste brick making method includes the following steps:
  ( 1) selection of mobile crushing station building waste sorting, crushing, sieving to particle size below 10 mm;( 2) the preparation of mixture material according to proportion measurement are sent in the roller mill grinding fineness, and in 180 standard sieve residue is 40 ~60%, into the dispensing machine, water adjusting moisture content to 13 - 17%;( 3) according to the proportion of rosin acid sodium, sodium tripolyphosphate made additive dissolved in water;( 4 ) the building rubbish, mixture and admixture proportion into the blender, adjusting the moisture content to 15 - 19%;( 5) the stirred material out into a molding machine made of adobe, after maintenance is finished.
  The mobile crusher station processing construction garbage regeneration brick and solid clay brick is compared, also is the production of brick of 150000000 mark, the use of construction waste production, can reduce the sampling of 240000 cubic meters, saving about 180 mu of cultivated land. At present, China's construction garbage regeneration brick technology has reached a certain level, and actual use in Beijing, 1994: Yizhuang development zone using recycled brick infill wall construction of the pilot project, so far has not been found in Sichuan Province; earthquake reconstruction, recycled brick also play an important role, because of its obtain raw material locally, greatly saves the cost, ease of building materials supply, so that victims faster to live in new houses.
  Zhengzhou Yifan machinery to mature technology, rich experience in the design, face the different landforms, different processing requirements, the mobile station combination, specifications continue to expand, so that products can be based on different needs to maximize operating advantages. Zhengzhou Yifan machinery mobile crushing station will take you to the global customers in different regions of the scene, see integration group operation how to resolve the material transportation, space, environment problem.
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