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Tracked mobile crusher station is a good parter of City construction waste

  With the accelerating process of city, city transformation in pace, more and more houses will be dismantled, the problem is the construction garbage in the city is growing rapidly.So how to dispose and utilize more and more construction waste, has become all levels of government departments and the construction garbage disposal units are facing an important issue.In the face of this serious problem how to make strategy, and how to solve these problems.
  According to the city construction waste disposal problem, Zhengzhou YIFAN machinery equipment limited company is research and development of this new type of integration of tracked mobile crushing station, can be used independently, can also according to the customer in the process of material types, product requirements, to provide a more flexible design, to meet user mobile crusher, mobile screening requirements, so that generation organization, logistics transport more efficient, cost to maximize reduce.
  Hydraulic drive for tracked mobile crusher station suitable for construction waste, rock, ore, block the road of old asphalt concrete and other materials broken, is a set of conveying, crushing and screening integration, and can walk the walk broken equipment, convenient, reduces the need of mobile crushing equipment must bring unnecessary losses, reduce investment cost, so as to become the new "king of crusher".The success of its research and development and production of China marked the crusher production has reached a new level of technology, and aroused more attention, especially in opencast coal mine and construction waste processing.
  Jaw crusher series crawler sieving crushing station supporting the machinery of high performance hydraulic jaw crusher, and vehicle type feeder and vibrating screen of high strength (with short length, light weight); the mobility is strong adaptability, lower material transportation cost flexible combination - whether coarse crushing, fine or sand preparation work, can give you bring the beat all effect.The hydraulic jaw crusher has wide scope of application, hydraulic jaw crusher is mainly applied to the quarry and primary crushing product.While the movable crushing station processing in the range of 50-500 tons / hour.
  YIFAN Machinery JC jaw crusher technology applied in the construction of garbage treatment, it is mineral crushing and screening technology is a major breakthrough in.JC jaw crusher power construction waste recycling industry, thus reducing the construction garbage and other solid waste pollution to the environment, but also saves the natural mineral resources, truly a waste recycling, also promoted the development of modern society.
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