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A mobile crushing station in Solomon rolled out the internationalization road

  A mobile crushing station in Solomon rolled out the internationalization road
  A few days ago, by the Zhengzhou machinery equipment limited company produces two mobile crusher cone crusher crusher station -- track and track screening station has been sent to Solomon loading.
  Mobile crusher has an integration unit equipment installation form, eliminating the split assembly complex site infrastructure installation, reduces the material consumption, time.Set reasonable compact structure, improves the flexibility of the site residence.Mobile crusher can be used independently, can also according to the customer in the process of material types, product requirements, to provide a more flexible design, to meet user mobile crusher, mobile screening requirements, make organization, logistics transport more efficient, cost to maximize reduce.
  Mobile crushing plant using a vehicle chassis, chassis at design time, less than a width of the operation of semi-trailer, in turn, radius is small, very convenient for common road, more suitable for harsh quarry and mine site, more conducive to the foreign public (iron) road and mining, stone crushing and other construction engineering construction.
  Mobile crusher with high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent product quality has broken, has reasonable structure design, excellent crushing performance.Mobile crusher station to the first break of the crushed stone, greatly reducing the broken stone of the intermediate links, but also can work conveniently adjust station purpose, greatly ensure the feeding and discharging device are to be the best economic position, reducing the equipment investment, reduce equipment cost.
  YIFAN mobile crushing station along with the extension of the application, constantly updated products, reached the international level of similar products, products have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.
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