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YIFAN mobile crusher station bring new hope to the city

  YIFAN mobile crusher station bring new hope to the city
      In the city to change a course, construction waste products of metabolism as the city was once the city development burden, many of the world's city have garbage siege situation. But now people come up with a reasonable deal with building rubbish method can handle a variety of city construction waste, Yifan machinery for the production of a variety of mobile crusher and other equipment can be very good to deal with these materials, let these people in the eyes of the waste into can use good resource.
   Economic strength, but also created the advances in all aspects of our lives, and various facilities around us can be said every day in the event of changes in the various parts are used in the development of large tracts of land to real estate development, much of the residential area where they stand, in this process, however, produce a variety of construction waste can not be ignored, there is I see another aspect of the transformation of villages, with each city efforts to increase The emergence of a large amount of construction waste, garbage original have been transported to the outskirts of stacked or landfill, so did not meet our strategic path of sustainable development, which will undoubtedly increase our environmental department a major problem. All aspects so we are actively seeking change something this dilemma, there is market demand, mining machinery manufacturers saw an opportunity, so a variety of mobile crushing plant, mobile crushing station came into being, and widely application, it is really an exaggeration to say that a variety of mobile crushing plant is to lead the cause of our construction waste disposal, the distribution of these machines to make their tremendous contributions in various fields of construction waste, construction waste.
  With the development of city construction, a lot of building materials consumption exacerbates the mining transport energy consumption. China's mineral resources per capita only half of the world average level, average per capita has land and cultivated land area is 1/4 of the world average level. Due to the requirements of environmental protection, many places had begun to limit the acquisition of river sand and gravel, which requires very far from the procurement, increased transport cost, increase the urban traffic pressure and discharge of harmful gas. From the angle of the recycling economy, building waste in brick, stone, concrete block ( building garbage accounted for more than 90%) resource utilization, will direct the construction waste breaking for the recycled coarse and fine aggregate instead of natural sand and stone material, or the use of construction waste in each component characteristics of the production of new building materials products. Resource utilization of construction waste is to solve the high energy consumption, high pollution, high emissions, low efficiency of measures, land saving, saving resource important way, is the development of recycling economy, build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society an important measure, is to implement the scientific concept of development, realize sustainable development, protect environment the inevitable requirement.
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