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The mobile crusher station transform the Construction Waste

  The mobile crusher station transform the Construction Waste
  The number of new construction waste will be a shocking figure. Therefore, the government departments and the disposal units of building waste are facing the issue that how to handle and utilize the growing number of construction waste.
  Most of the construction wastes are solid waste that generally caused during the construction, repair of the old buildings and removal process, which is mainly made of the soil, sediment, scattered mortar and concrete, masonry and concrete fragments in the process of tick chisel, metal, bamboo wood, decoration, all kinds of packaging materials and other materials. The waste bamboo timber can be used to manufacture artificial wood.
  YIFAN Company thinks that many of the construction waste can be used as a re-use of renewable resources after sorting and crushing by the professional construction waste disposal equipment, such as waste steel, scrap wire and scrap steel accessories and other metals after sorting, concentration, and re-melted can be reprocessed and manufacture into a variety of specifications' steel. Brick, stone, concrete and other wastes can not only replace sand for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, playing concrete cushion after being crushed but also be used to make blocks, pavement tiles, plaid titles and other building materials' products
  With the advantages of strong mobility and maneuverability, the Mobile Crusher Station can save much infrastructure and removal cost for the user. It is especially suitable for the disposal and crush of the construction waste. It can eliminate the environmental pollution that caused by the construction waste and provide a virtuous cycle road for the urban construction.

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