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YIFAN Mobile Crusher Assist Zhengzhou Waste Disposal Sites

YIFAN Mobile Crusher Assist Zhengzhou Waste Disposal Sites
  With the acceleration of urbanization and the widening of construction framework, more and more construction waste are produced, which not only takes up a lot of land, causes serious environmental pollution, but also great impact the residents’ lives. In order to select a rational and effective way to deal with these construction waste and strengthen the environmental protection of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou city government decides to build a building waste disposal sites in the southern suburb  in 2012 , to  gradually resolve construction waste  piling-up problem.
  Construction waste disposal work  in construction waste disposal sites is beyond human handling capacity, must rely on the assistance of machinery and equipment, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, Mobile Crushers, among which, Mobile Crusher is most widely used .
  Waste crushing recycling equipment can be divided into  fixed construction waste crushing equipment and mobile construction waste crusher station, the former is for the construction waste disposal sites where the workplace is fixed, the movement is not frequent; there, we can establish large  closed production lines, completely solve the dust emissions pollution; its handling capacity is within 50-600T / Hare. While mobile crusher station is for frequently mobile or local process production, combination production and recycled materials processing; it can be driven by electric. These two types of construction waste crushing equipment provide multiply choice for garbage crushing industry, accelerating our construction waste re-use process.
  YIFAN bases on the Central Plains, covering the whole country and facing to the world, setting talents the as basic, innovation as guiding, and unswervingly to make mining machinery industry bigger and stronger; in addition, YIFAN increase marketing expansion efforts and capital operations efforts, actively seek new development space and new strategic areas, to lay the foundation and create conditions for greater success!
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