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The customers are very concerned about the technological advances of the mobile crusher

Mobile crusher station technology improves, YIFAN machinery constantly strengthening our scientific research, to promote independent innovation, to continue to break the technical barriers in practice, mobile crusher station product quality has been significantly improved, after several years of development, market competition enhanced with go out of the country has been relying on solid technology and reliable quality. "YIFAN" brand mobile crusher plant quality indicators generally have to catch up with the international advanced level.

Customers now are highly mobile crusher station equipment requirements, such as: intelligent, systematic, efficient and so on, the mobile crusher station set by the material, crushing, transfer and process equipment for one, through the process optimized to have excellent rock crushing, aggregate production, open pit mining the crushing operation performance, through the combination of different models, to form a powerful crushing operations pipeline, the completion of a multi-processing operations demand. Its state-of-the-art design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, easy maintenance, operating cost, stable and reliable, with respect to the aggregate production line, mobile crusher plant is like a small and medium crushing processing plants can be moved, its efficiency and operational The costs are superior to the same level or a higher level of aggregate production line.

"China is shifted from a manufacturing to create a great country, we must be given a high degree of attention." Said YIFAN of China is responsible in the face of a reporter access. Industry insiders believe that, prior to China's accession to the WTO, the price advantage of local brand enterprises rely on cheap labor costs, slowing the pace of the multinational companies in the Chinese market has run. With the accession to the WTO the end of the period of protection, competition between Chinese and foreign companies is close combat, head-on, who advanced technologies, more in line with the national energy saving, saving, environmentally-friendly industrial policy will be the winner in the new round of competition in the market. Local brands in the weak position of the R & D enterprise, price advantages gradually today, should step up to catch up with multinational companies. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. is Guangju domestic high-tech talent, by world-class R & D means to enhance the core competitiveness YIFAN Machinery mobile crusher station, and in independent innovation, energy saving aspects to achieve a qualitative leap.

Yifan produced mobile crusher station has a flexible and convenient mobile, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs, etc., on-site crushing of the material, and can be moved with the mining of raw materials face forward, to reduce the large number of The cost of transporting materials.

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