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The environmental importance of the mobile crusher processing equipment for the good of the environment and resources


The mobile crusher processing equipment first appeared, many people are optimistic, but after really put into operation is indeed very few, in fact, a lot of investors are beginning to own a good positioning, which is a very big decision-making mistakes, the mobile crusher processing equipment capable of handling not only the building, but also to deal with other aspects of the waste road, can be recycled resources, construction waste market share. Although solid waste utilization in China is relatively low, but still have great market started early, Yifan in the domestic market share has reached 60%.

The mobile crusher processing equipment as a multi-purpose mechanical applications is very broad, for example in the field of construction waste, environmental protection, resource recycling field to show their talents. In the field of construction waste, the mobile crusher processing equipment can waste after crushing, screening, pre-selection and processing processed into construction aggregate, can be re-used in highway construction, real estate projects, urban construction, landscape construction and other fields , has a high economic value. As the construction waste piling up more concentrated, the space is more limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, suggested the use of YIFAN mobile crusher processing equipment, which may vary depending on the environmental changes of the construction waste disposal site and mobile, greatly reducing construction waste transport costs and production lines moved address costs. mobile crusher flexible configuration, according to the actual site design modifications or special mobile crusher, ideal for construction waste crushing. With the development of science and technology, China for construction waste recycling has been to explore an effective way. Specialized construction waste disposal technology research and development, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a new type of high-tech mobile crushing and screening equipment, by this equipment assembly of the entire production line device can be effective recycling of construction waste, and to achieve a utilization rate of 95 % or more. At present, the complete production line has dispatched teams of engineers YIFAN installed, it is expected that if the re-use point of 24-hour non-stop operation, you can consume about 1/4 of the construction waste in Nanjing. The production will be the construction waste into renewable construction materials used in building design, road paving, the move will greatly reduce the consumption caused by the exploitation of natural materials on the environment and resources, has a good environmental sense.

The mobile crusher processing equipment Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company combined with the actual situation of sand and gravel production at home and abroad, entirely with the user's point of view, well-developed and manufactured out. I believe that the use of the product launch, customers will be able to solve more problems.


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