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YIFAN mobile crusher for China's construction waste industry has injected new vitality

mobile crusher

Construction waste body is a treasure, construction waste site can be crushing, screening, brick, waste bricks made of all waste recycled aggregate concrete, solid bricks, hollow bricks, colored bricks Netherlands, permeable bricks, tiles and other 15 categories of green grass recycled materials products, which will all return for the infrastructure.

Successfully developed by the YIFAN construction waste mobile crusher crushing processing equipment, can be realized using the "construction waste" to brick, is a new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building materials production line. It is the core of construction waste crushing mobile crusher, mobile crusher development and production of ring construction waste crushing plant, is feeding, conveying, coarse crushing, breaking, crushing, screening, dust and other technology as one of the highly integrated, modular crushing outfit. mobile crusher using high impact, high-speed projectile, magnetic separation, gravity separation and other methods, as well as overflow waterfall lock feed air flow can be adjusted independent patent and other environmental technologies, realized the transportation, construction waste recycling, and no dust pollution, small footprint, achieve a highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, good results.

mobile crushers

Construction waste mobile crusher crushing equipment production line is completed, the output value of huge prospects, social benefits are significant. Use of construction waste mobile crusher crushing equipment production of recycled bricks and solid clay brick compared to the same production of 150 million standard bricks, manufactured using construction waste, can reduce soil 240,000 cubic meters, saving about 180 acres of arable land. At present, China's construction waste recycled brick technology has reached a certain level, and get the actual line used: in Beijing, 1994 BDA filled with recycled brick wall built to do pilot projects so far have not found the problem; earthquake in Sichuan province reconstruction, recycled brick also played an important role, because local materials, significant savings in cost, ease the tight supply of construction materials, so that the victims faster live in new houses.

The mobile crusher development, construction waste will be turned into gold. Help promote the construction waste disposal industries, enterprises and individuals to invest inspire enthusiasm, so as to China's construction waste disposal industry has injected new vitality.

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