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Construction waste mobile crusher industry to become the current hot

In recent years, some local governments, research institutes, universities, researchers and some visionary companies have come to understand the scientific utilization of construction waste for disposal and saving resources, a cleaner environment and beautify the city of the importance of aware of the potential market prospects and for the promotion of local economic and social development of far-reaching significance, have launched a mobile crusher construction waste recycling technology research and application of practical work.


Construction waste disposal equipment for research, YIFAN study successful mobile crusher, which uses advanced construction waste disposal technology can be construction waste, industrial waste, coal cinder, coal rock, slag, fly ash, nonmetallic solid waste and other waste materials by the application of solid waste treatment process, can produce various types of quality testing specifications meet new building materials, according to the device configuration different effective utilization of construction waste can reach 80-100%, no secondary pollution, can achieve near- zero pollution, zero emissions ideal environmental effects.

It is understood that using YIFAN mobile crusher for recycling of construction waste after use a lot of ways: the construction waste processed into recycled aggregate, and reproduction building products, such as recycled wall material, or directly used for roadbed, etc., can also produce recycled concrete . The scientific computing, only recycled brick one, compared with the solid clay brick, producing 150 million bricks are also used brick construction waste, can reduce soil 240,000 cubic meters, saving about 180 acres of arable land, while consumptive 40 million tons of construction waste, saving an area of 160 acres of garbage piled up, two total savings of 340 acres of land. In addition, brick-making process, but also consumptive ash 40,000 tons, saving 15,000 tons of standard coal, reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide 360 tons brick.

With Yifan company in China to launch construction waste disposal equipment - mobile crusher, the current domestic production of construction waste disposal equipment, recycling companies have hundreds, production fixed, mobile and semi-mobile mobile crusher equipment, can basically meet the requirements of construction waste disposal, construction waste resources on the promotion of the development of great significance.


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