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Construction waste disposal equipment emergence of impact mobile crusher

With the expanding burst of infrastructure development, construction waste generated each year occupation of cultivated land has become the culprit, a troubled life of urban residents have to consider. Fortunately, in recent years, China's construction waste disposal technology matures, so that construction waste recycling process is no longer a problem, and become a good project benefits the country and once and for all.


Of construction waste recycling processing technology pioneer, it is by YIFAN proposed and the first successful launch. 2007, YIFAN for the first time in the country introduced the first construction waste disposal equipment - impact mobile crusher, has been the community's strong response, it has been promoted to promote China's construction industry towards a normalization waste production for China Sustainable sexual development have made outstanding contributions. Now, as long as the construction waste disposal equipment impact mobile crusher shot, you can achieve construction waste in situ "turning waste into treasure," completely overturn the construction waste is difficult, intractable impression. Concrete practice of construction waste through impact mobile crusher selection, crushing, screening, assignment, you can turn into a variety of green bricks, construction aggregate, concrete aggregate, dry mortar and other raw materials, and the resource utilization of up to 98% above.

Construction waste disposal equipment impact mobile crusher emergence of truly realized construction waste turning waste into treasure. And as today's first domestic YIFAN with concrete actions to promote the development of construction waste to recycling companies, will undoubtedly become a pioneer in the industry representatives, to promote recycling of construction waste towards the path of development of the industry to do a model.


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