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YIFAN mobile crusher can process 960 tons per day of construction waste


In situ treatment of construction waste, not only can solve transportation costs can also handle big problems such as poor transport corridors. One kind of mobile crusher has been put into use in Beijing Fangshan town length. This mobile crusher can process 960 tons per day of construction waste, it works like a large-scale high-intensity classification grinder, there are three exports, investment into the construction waste after a mouth out of the broken steel, can be reused, another mouth out of the construction aggregate, there is an exit out the fine soil, can be used as green soil, backfill, etc.

This can be self-moving mobile crusher can not only solve the transportation costs and a poor transport corridors and other problems, but more importantly, in our current status of construction waste is not focused, it can be broken open to the scene to solve a variety of problems, is very suitable for domestic widely used. And stepping in the South Fourth Ring Fengtai Science Park three bridge site, reporters seen this mobile crusher mobile construction waste disposal machine. Chunks of construction waste is fed into the feed inlet excavators, less than two minutes automatically crushed into different sizes of construction aggregate. These mobile crusher aggregate form fine texture, uniform size.

For construction waste mobile crusher technology research, development, and manufacturing of the famous supplier YIFAN With many years professional technology, excellent quality, perfect service for customers built up an impregnable defense technology, becoming the first choice for domestic investors brand.

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