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How to improve the working efficiency of mobile crusher

With the popularity of mobile crusher,more and more construction waste is dispearing.Mobile crusher equipped with good flexibility, it is able to move forward with mining advance. Also it reduces the materials transporting costs significantly, provide mining industry great help and become the new favorite at market.But how to improve the working efficiency of this machine must be paid more attention.Now Yifan Machinery mobile crusher experts will tell you:

mobile crusher station

Firstly, the configuration of mobile crusher machine should be reasonable. Because mobile crushing station works not just by a single machine, but by a whole production line composed of feeding equipment, crushing equipment and screening equipment, ensuring the reasonability of the configuration is the first premise of ensuring the crushing efficiency. If the output of the first equipment and the second is different, it will seriously influence the production capacity.
Then, in the working process of mobile crusher, the material feeding should be even. Feeding a lot of materials at a time will block the feeding mouth of the crusher and then block the crusher, which will influence the working efficiency of the mobile crushing station.
Last but not the least,after the mobile crusher machine works for some time, examine the equipment of the whole production line to prevent the fault of a single machine from influencing the operation of the mobile crushing station.
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