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mobile crusher
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Mobile crusher used to make brick

Mobile crusher used to recycle construction waste,it also can make brick and recycling concrete.With the increasing number of construction waste,mobile crusher is increasingly being accepted by our customers.

mobile cone crusher

Construction waste mobile crusher mechanism brick,based on construction waste crushing and screening equipment after construction waste,the main raw material of cement,sand and fly ash mixed with a small amount of production of standard brick or concrete block.For the use of construction waste brick manufacturer,its main source of raw material without spending a penny from the transport into the plant,as long as the site is ready,the equipment can be, Yifan Machinery self-developed mobile crusher construction waste disposal equipment can be easily directly into the construction site , on -site construction waste processing, which will have a considerable profit margins in cost accounting,if coupled with tax free incentives such as road maintenance,for a building materials companies with similar businesses compared undoubtedly have a greater competitive edge.Its economic benefits are obvious.
Yifan machinery mobile cone crusher mainly consists of efficient, high performance vibrating screen, belt conveyor,motor and control box and other components.Configuration of the cone crusher can be adjusted according to actual needs for different type of crushing chamber,expanding cone break in pieces the use of mobile crushing station areas and scope of use.The entire unit is integrally mounted to coordinate operations,fully embodies the advantages of its convenience and flexibility.In addition, Yifan mobile crusher machinery also stands ready to provide on-site service.

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