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How to replace the cone crusher liner?

When hydraulic cone crusher working,cone crusher spare parts-the moving cone liner prone to wear,as well as damage to the problem.In order to reduce the working efficiency of hydraulic cone crusher,liner needs to be replaced.In order to facilitate replace cone crusher liner,which can be prepared two sets of movable cone and bowl bearings,supporting the use of separately when moving cone crusher liner replace, you need to pay attention to the following points:

hydraulic cone crusher

1.hanging the hydraulic cone crusher eccentric,the implementation of the liner and a tapered grinding portion bushing wear in order to ensure friction surface finish .
2.When installing bowl bearing frame , requiring close attention to the rack with not appear rocking phenomenon.
3.Check Straight bushing fixed situation.Straight bushing for axial thermal injection zinc alloy fixed by fixing , fixing method is not reliable , the device emitted during operation often turning on and lift the sleeve phenomenon can lead to severe bush rupture due to stress condition . For this case, the thermal injection zinc alloy fixed to the fastening screws at the junction with the rack bushing uniform 4-Φ14 threaded holes , then screwed into 4 countersunk head screws , so that after treatment , do not there will be rotating bushing and creeping phenomenon.
4.Moving cone rotation speed strictly controlled 8 ~ 14r/min, moving cone speed is too low or too high will affect the productivity of the crusher machine, and if the speed is too high,indicating a relatively large friction deputy campaign,which oil temperature will have a greater effect.
These are some considerations when replacing the hydraulic cone crusher liner , if you have a strong demand for more detailed,please give us a message,we will promptly contact you .

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