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Luoyang site high-quality sand production line finished grain far more than the high standards of sand needs

    Luoyang as the ancient capital of the nine dynasties have always been the concern of domestic and foreign merchants, this is known as the "four holy city" one of the city everywhere exudes a thick ancient flavor, ancient Chinese four inventions in the compass, paper Surgery, printing were born here, in addition, Luoyang, "surrounded by mountains, six water and parallel, eight customs city, ten provinces thoroughfare," said the superior geographical location makes it a central city of Central Economic Zone. Today, we want to introduce this machine sand production line is located here.
    Luoyang is rich in resources, has proven molybdenum, aluminum, gold, silver, tungsten, coal, iron, zinc, crystal stone, limestone and other mineral resources 26 species, and the production line processing material is limestone, the final finished grain size : 0 ~ 5mm, 5 ~ 10mm, 10 ~ 20mm, the entire production line from the broken to the screening equipment all provided by Yifan machinery, thus ensuring the product quality and production efficiency.

    Processing materials: limestone
    Production: 750t / h
    Feeding size: 0 ~ 90mm
    Material size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm
    Application areas: construction
    Equipment configuration: CCM752 hydraulic cone crusher 2, 2YK3680 shaker 2, 3YK3680 finished sieve 2

    The raw material for the production line is limestone with grain size of 0 ~ 90mm. The material is transported to the 2YK3680 vibrating screen through the belt conveyor. The material is sorted with the soil waste and the material with different grain size. Direct delivery to the 3YK3680 vibrating screen for secondary screening, less than the standard will be transported to the CCM752 hydraulic cone crusher at the broken, crushed material transported by the belt conveyor to 3YK3680 vibrating screen for screening, and ultimately get Particle size of 0 ~ 5mm, 5 ~ 10mm, 10 ~ 20mm of the finished material.

    Customers for the Yifan Machinery to provide the crushing and screening equipment is very satisfied with the customer feedback, the actual production of the project are to meet the needs of customers, equipment, advanced and stability also ensures the smooth progress of the entire production process , Not only reduces the production costs, but also the grain size is also very good, the finished product mechanism of sand is also higher than the local Luo River mechanism of the sand field standards, the current customer reflects their side there have been large customers buyout sales , Which is good news for us. Our sand production line once again in the customer where it has been favored.

    From the initial negotiations to develop cooperation programs to production and processing, installation and commissioning, and then to after-sales service, Yifan machinery to high-quality services and product quality to maximize customer interests. Now countless production lines rooted around the world, Yifan machinery did not forget the beginning of the heart, with the most sincere attitude and high standards of product quality to create value for customers, we know that our success depends on the success of customers.

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