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The Process and Method of Construction Waste Disposal

    The main components of the construction waste are dregs, scrap bars, scattered mortar, concrete, broken bricks and broken concrete blocks, scattered in the process of sand, gravel and stone, these materials accounted for about 80% of the total construction waste. Through the analysis of these construction waste, it is found that these wastes can be reused as renewable resources after being sorted, removed or crushed.

    Construction waste disposal is mainly through the following steps of the mobile crusher:

    First, the rough construction waste

    The classification and sorting of construction waste at the source can greatly improve the recovery efficiency of useful ingredients in waste. Construction waste can be divided into concrete blocks, steel, glass, plastic, wood and other types of recyclable products, they can be stacked in the field separately, in order to facilitate the subsequent classification.

    Second, the construction waste disposal

    Crushing is mainly through the construction waste crushing production line to deal with, the object is mainly concrete blocks, gravel waste and other hard materials, the purpose is to reduce the size of garbage particles, so that the shape tends to be uniform, in order to facilitate the processing and screening The For example, by adjusting the configuration of the crushing station, the shape and size of the construction waste can be achieved to the actual production demand, the size of the waste material becomes even smaller, the capacity increases, the storage space is saved, and the transportation amount can be increased. When the screening, wind selection and magnetic separation, because of its uniform size, flow rate increases, can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of sorting, and the broken construction waste is also conducive to high-density landfill, saving land resources and space.

    Third, the sorting of construction waste

    The sorting is an important part of the resource reduction and reduction of construction waste. It is used by the sorting to make full use of it, and the harmful substances are fully separated. Another important function is to divide the construction waste into different particle size levels , For the use of different recycling technology. The basic principle of sorting is the use of physical or chemical properties of the differences in the nature of its separation, according to different nature, you can design and manufacture of various mechanical sorting of solid waste. According to the different process, sorting can be divided into manual picking, screening, gravity sorting, magnetic sorting, buoyancy sorting, optical sorting.

   Construction waste as a renewable resource can become a new starting point for resource recycling, the future will become an important part of circular economy. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in providing all types of construction waste treatment equipment, welcome to come to visit.

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