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The best state of the mobile crusher adjustment

 Mobile crusher use the electronically controlled adjusting mechanism. With this organization, you can quickly and effectively adjust and test the mobile crusher. It can also use the change of the travel to make the adjusting mechanism automatic reply the stress reaction when the mobile crusher is in the process of the micro-circulating collection. In function of this adjusting mechanism, the mobile crusher will become very sensitive and will be more accurate at the control of the grading series. After starting by the cycle process, the regulation will gradually increase, and finally to reach a equilibrium. mobile crusher can also control the aperture size of the driving jaw plate by controlling the hydraulic of the balance torsion bar, which, to some extent, avoid the repeat work as well as provide the utmost distinction and precision.
The application of the high differentiation-conditioning in mobile crusher of YiFan has achieve the obvious effect. The high differentiation-conditioning can effectively reduce the resources spending on the screening operations which offers strong protection of the transformation of energy saving of YiFan. Through these three channels,it can obtain the  advantages of adjusting the fineness of the material around the mobile crusher discharge opening at maximum, thereby improving the mobile crusher controllability.
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