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The notes on maintenance of cone mobile crusher

    YIFAN works on research and development of mine machinery, building garbage disposal equipment. Adhering to the scientific management pattern of modern enterprise, developing innovation to strengthen technology exchange, so the cone mobile crusher equipment produced by our company, cone mobile crusher has been welcome by the general customer. In order to provide a better service for the cone mobile crusher customers, we offer some notes needing attention on the maintenance of cone mobile crusher.
    The replacement of cone mobile crusher rolling mortar wall: when new installation or replace rolling mortar wall, we should examine the cone mobile crusher tighten situation, and tighten the u-shaped screw once againafter six to eight hours.The replacement of cone mobile crusher crushing wall: cone mobile crusher crushing wall is fixed in the cone body with cone head, the zinc alloy is casted between them. When new installation or replacement of cone mobile crusher, we should examine tighten situation after 6-8 hours. If we found that the loose we need to fasten immediately.Cone mobile crusher Bowl-shaped bearing and sealing devices: when we install bowl-shaped bearing, we should do not make cone mobile crusher Bowl-shaped bearing carefully damage  oil ring gear. Cone mobile crusher cylindrical bushing: cylindrical bushing and frame body is the third kind of transition cooperate. In order to prevent bushing rotation, the zinc alloy is poured into the upper bushing slot. When we replace new bushing, we should configurate the bushing according to the actual size body of frame. Because of the long time of work and loading and unloading, it necessarily causes the change with the relationship. If the gap is too large, it will lead to a liner burst.
    The output of cone mobile crusher is relevant to the way of feeding, feeding piece, the size of discharged ore, the physical and mechanical properties of ore, temperature and other elements, so the given output of cone mobile crusher manufacturer is the outlined quantity in the specified conditions.
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