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Faster, Higher, and Stronger—Yifan Machinery Grows Together with the Olympics

On August 24, 2008, Olympic torch goes out in Beijing. The 29th Olympic Games concluded successfully when the Mayor of Beijing handed over the Olympic flag to the Mayor of London. At the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, Jacques Rogge, the chairman of the International Olympic Committee said “China held perfect Olympic Games which will be a challenge for London. We must do a better job so as not to let the world down." This is the third time for London to host the Summer Olympic Games, which has made London a city to host the summer Olympic Games the most times so far. The first time is in 1908; the second time is in 1948 and the third time is in 2012. The slogan of this summer's London Olympics Games is “lnspire a Generation".

London local time 9 p.m. July 27, 2012 (Beijing time 4 a.m. July 28), the 30th Summer Olympic Games are held in London's Olympic Park Stadium “London Bowl”. Taking humanity and nature as a perfect start, the entire Olympic opening ceremony was filled with the beauty of humanity. Here are Her Majesty the Queen, David Beckham, rurality, the industrial revolution, Mr. Bean and the Beatles. Seven young men lighted the torch to show the world the brilliance of London, the host the Olympic Games for the third time. The Olympic Flame will go on, and the Olympic Spirit will be passed from generation to generation. The success of the previous 29 Olympic Games made the Olympic Spirit “Faster, Higher, and Stronger” pass to the world, affecting all walks of life. 7 hours earlier than London time, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. in Henan, China focusing on the quality and pursuing the excellence is also guided by the Olympic spirit “Faster, Higher, and Stronger” in the development.

In 2000, Yifan Machinery successfully developed Y650 vertical shaft impact crusher (sand maker) of the domestic lead position; and established the first manufactured sand production line using vertical shaft impact crusher (sand maker) and ore tailings, creating a new technology of manufactured sand production.

In 2001, Yifan Machinery developed Y1200 vertical shaft impact crusher (sand maker) which is the largest in China, and established China’s largest manufactured sand production line which uses the Y1200 vertical shaft impact crusher as the main engine and river pebble as the raw materials. The products are widely applied in the construction of national key projects in Beijing.

In 2002, in order to promote the new national standard Sand for Building; a new dry-way manufactured sand production line was established by Yifan Machinery in Mentougou District of Beijing.

In 2003, Yifan Machinery developed a brand-new second generation VI series vertical shaft impact crusher, with the structures covering rock-on-rock, rock-on-iron, closed impeller, open impeller, etc. Therein, the triangular round impeller is the first in the world and has achieved national patent. The first domestic SMA fine aggregate production line was established in Xiaotun, Liaoyang and the manufactured sand was used in the Shen -Da Freeay.

In 2004, China’s first quartz sand, the materials of Float glass, production line with vertical shaft impact crusher and independent intellectual rights was put into operation in Anding, Anhui.

In 2005, with YIFAN equipment Zhejiang Richangsheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. established China’s largest civil manufactured sand production line.

In 2006, Yifan Machinery Successfully developed a world-level hydraulic cone crusher with independent intellectual property rights. The same year, linear vibrating screen 2ZKR3060, the largest in domestic hydropower industry, has been put into operation in the aggregate production line of Hanjiang Shuhe Hydropower Station which was undertaken by China the Fifteenth Bureau of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Power.

In 2007, a drying hammer crusher developed by Yifan Machinery for the gypsum board production line with the annual output of 30 million sq.m. was successfully put into operation.

In 2008, a state-of-the-art full automatic hydraulic cone crusher and wheeled mobile crushing station with independent property rights was presented at Bauma China 2008. The same year, the turn-key project—a 1000t/h aggregate production line constructed by Yifan Machinery was delivered to the user.

In 2009, the model construction waste production line of Ministry of Science and Technology undertaken by Yifan Machinery passed the state check and acceptance in Dujiangyan, Chengdu. The same year, Yifan Machinery was designated as Zhengzhou Crushing and Screening Machinery Engineering R & D Center.

In 2010, new type tracked mobile crushing plant with full liquid drive and independent research of Yifan Machinery was presented at Bauma China 2010.

In 2011, the 800t/h aggregate production line designed by Yifan Machinery was successfully delivered to the Saudi user.

After years of rapid development, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a famous manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment and the supplier of system services. Yifan Machinery has a number of crushing and screening technologists, with strong new product researching and developing capabilities, the new process controlling capabilities, new equipment manufacturing capacity and the new program service capacity. We provide a full range of crushing and screening equipment, including hydraulic cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher (sand making machine), vibrating screen, mobile crushing plant and construction waste processing equipment. We provide not only high-quality products, but first-class services, support and solutions. At present, we can provide cement and glass raw materials processing equipment, coal processing equipment, processing equipment of gypsum board production line, mineral and steel slag processing equipment; can provide aggregate processing system for civil use, hydropower and nuclear power, gravel aggregate processing system for railway construction, aggregate processing system for expressway pavement and can provide construction waste disposal solutions.

Wonderful curtain of the 2012 London Olympic Games has just opened. From today, the wonderful show of speed, skills and strength will be presented one after another. The Olympic spirit “Faster, Higher, and Stronger” will be reflected in the following competitions. Similarly, the Olympic spirit “Faster, Higher, and Stronger” will also be better displayed in the further development of Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd.


—by Yifan Machinery

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