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Yifan mobile crusher station professional handling of construction waste

According to reports, the reporter went to the City of demolition to do surveys, do the demolition of a group of figures show that the end of 2008, Zhengzhou City, only state-owned land on the demolition area reached 626,600 square meters, if coupled with the demolition area on the collective landthe demolition of at least more than one million square meters, at least one million tons of construction waste resulting.With Zhengzhou subway large-scale construction, the MTR lines per square kilometer in the amount of demolition will increase exponentially, the Zhengzhou year construction waste more millions of tons.For this situation, Yifan mobile crusher station is essential, it professional to deal with construction generated waste, so as to effectively reduce pollution, protect the environment.

With the social emphasis on the problem of construction waste, of the construction waste disposal will minimization, recycling and sound closer to the objective.This is a long and arduous task, through the government's proper guidance, appropriate support and active participation of the whole people, supervise their implementation, will gradually achieve this goal.A professional production of construction waste disposal equipment manufacturers is not a lot of demand for further production, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. according to market supply and demand dynamics, the introduction of professional technical team to keep on learning new technology of mobile crusher station, the formation of a strong technical team.Of mobile crusher stations and construction waste processing technology of Germany's advanced technologies and concepts of Abkhazia marks.

Then, we see that the mobile crusher station to deal with construction waste and other waste on-site landscape.Through the mobile crusher station and construction waste disposal equipment, construction waste turning waste into treasure, below take you into the construction waste change waste into treasure scene. Zhengdong New District, Putian, a construction waste disposal plant, a yellow machines roaring, it is not a small appetite, I saw it, breathing the the swallow brick, tile, concrete, a few minutes of effort from three vomited out sand, gravel and scrap steel, iron wire. The sand has not been taken away, but sent to the front of the workshop, adding fly ash, cement, water, mixing, replace the abrasive out of 15 new environmentally colored brick, permeable brick, grass brick, square brick building materials. The Yifan produced this mobile crusher station recognized by the market, planted important paved the way for energy saving and environmental protection, but also increased the production and operation costs.

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