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Broken machine manufacturing industry to promote the development of the national economy

      In the process of China's industrial development, mobile stone station manufacturing industry will promote industrial development,

has become a broad consensus in the industry.After in-depth study of current international and domestic construction machinery

industry, especially the development of advanced technology to further develop and improve the level of mining mobile stone station

manufacturing, will boost power to the industrial development has brought great.

     The mining mobile stone station industry is an important pillar industry of national economy, a lot of basic industrial raw

materials and products for transportation, infrastructure and real estate industry to ensure that the national economy healthy and

rapid development.Therefore, as an independent industrial system, the rapid development of mining mobile stone station industry,

reflecting an important foundation of the power of social and industrial development.

     The 12th Five-Year Plan is a critical period of comprehensive construction, accelerate the reform and opening up and accelerate the

transformation of economic growth is the focus of this program.The rapid development of industrialization, urbanization and

agricultural modernization, the demand for mineral resources in an upward trend, which has also led to the development of mining

mobile stone station manufacturing industry.

     As the vanguard of the machinery industry, the the Yifan machine after years of development and innovation, and constantly develop

new products and develop new markets in order to meet the production requirements of mineral resources.The company produces mobile

stone station and other products with energy saving, environmental protection, high-quality, high efficiency and stable performance

characteristics, and provide a solid foundation for China's industrial development.

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