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Large amount of mobile crusher station exportation can promote the development of the logistics industry

The company's mobile crusher station have a very rapid development of overseas export. A long period of time, a lot of of our overseas customers orders increase, the increase in orders contribute significantly to the development of the local logistics, thus improving the local economy.

There are many indicators related to the logistics industry in the past, the index is a single (the proportion of added value of logistics, logistics costs and gross domestic product (GDP) and logistics total), not entirely representative of the regional logistics development situation. The difference in the development of new indicators based on integrated mobile crusher station logistics development index, favor government analysis of regional logistics, explore each region's weak line the logistics policy settings reference.

The proportion of the added value of the regional logistics logistics cost share of gross domestic product (GDP) and total logistics value, all of which are integrated indicators, it is difficult to reflect the specific situation of the development of regional logistics. To overcome the drawbacks of mobile crusher station traditional statistical method, based on a composite index of the logistics industry development. The relative importance of the various indicators of the development of logistics industry and score through targeted adjustment policies and investment focus.

Our mobile crusher station export a large amount of proof of the high quality of our products. According to our survey, 40% of the customers are old customers, 20% of customers introduced. The above data can prove our product is reliable.At the same time due to the large export of mobile crusher station, which greatly promoted the development of the logistics industry.A large number of exports to the logistics industry has brought a lot of business, a greatly impetus to the call from the big development of the logistics industry.
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