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Sand Collecting System
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Sand Collecting System

(1) Sand Collecting System Introduction
The SS series sand collecting system is designed on the base of absorbing the foreign advanced technology, together with our real condition and come up to the advanced world standard. They are utilized widely in the sandstone aggregate processing system of water and electricity station, the processing system of original glass material, the production line of manufactured sand, recovery of the coarse slime of the coal cleaning factory, and the protection environment project(the mud cleaning etc. ) and so on, they can solve the fine sand recovery questions.
(2) Sand Collecting System Work Principle
1. The system is composed of the motor, pump, cyclone, vibrating screen, pool, recycling box 2. Working principle: The compound of sand and water is transported to cyclone, the sand that centrifugal classification concentrate provided to the vibrating screen by the heavy grit, sand and water are effectively separate after vibrating screen dehydration. Through Recycling Box, fine sand and mud and so on returned again to the pool, then are exhausted from the exit when the liquid surface of pool is too high. The material weight concentration recovered by the vibrating screen is 70%- 85%. Adjusting fineness module may come true by changing pulp concentration, adjusting the flooding water yield, changing the grit mouth, then fulfilling its three kinds function— washing, dehydration and screening.

Technical Data:

Model Pump Cyclone(mm) Vibrating Screen Capacity(m3/h) Weight(Kg)
Power(kw) Size(inch) Model Deck Size(m2) Power(kw)
SS-06-300 11Kw 2.5” 300 06×2.25 1.35 2x1 30-90 3700
SS-08-300 15Kw 3” 300 0.8×3.0 1.8 2x1.5 40-126 4200
SS-10-350 18.5Kw 4” 350 10×3.0 3.0 2x2.2 70-162 4600
SS-12-550 22Kw 6” 550 12×3.0 3.6 2x3.0 100-220 7300
SS-12-650 30Kw 6” 650 12×3.75 4.5 2x4.0 120-272 7400
SS-14-750 37Kw 6” 750 14×3.75 5.25 2x5.5 180-343 9610
SS-14-750 45Kw 8” 750 14×3.75 5.25 2x5.5 230-450 11850
SS-16-750 55Kw 8” 750 16×3.75 5.25 2x5.5 250-500 14300
SS-16-650 55Kw 10” 2x650 16×3.75 6.00 2x5.5 300-500 16700
SS-18-750 75Kw 10” 2x750 18×3.75 6.75 2x7.5 350-600 19680
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